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  • Does your child currently struggle with maths or did they fall behind because of lessons missed in the Covid pandemic? 

  • Does your child have ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, dyslexia, dyscalculia,  GDD or any other special need / super power which is preventing them reaching their potential in maths?

  • Would your child benefit from a personalised specialist intervention programme to help prepare for 11+, Common Entrance, GCSE, IGCSE, Functional Skills,  A Level or Pre U?

  • Would your child learn more with 1:1 tutoring provided with a well-qualified, passionate maths teacher and experienced maths teacher with recent experience in London mainstream and special schools?

  • Would your child prefer to learn remotely, at times that suit them using some of the most up-to-date and effective Google based tools for remote maths learning? 

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About me 

I am Irina Tobias, a full time online private tutor with 4 years of school based teaching experience in London, both mainstream and SEN,  teacher professional development training, MA degree in Finance and European Public Administration and previous careers in accountings, finance and SEN (ASD, ADHD).

Based in Valencia, Spain, after relocating from London,UK, I have tutored students all over the UK and EU. Typically my students are at British, International schools or home educated.

There are so many other important benefits in taking up tutoring with me. 

My focus is on building confidence and understanding in mathematics and, having taught students of all ages and over a huge ability range, I can apply a varied range of techniques to connect with each individual.

I will always do my very best to make mathematics easier to understand, even if that means trying 10 different explanations.

I am yet to give up on a student and believe that EVERYONE (including you!) can succeed in improving their maths skills.

I take on new students throughout the year so if you’d like to discuss maths tuition or anything else I might be able to help with then please get in touch.


What I Offer

Making Learning More Enjoyable


Online tuition

“In a face-to-face lesson we would be writing on pieces of paper, whereas in an online lesson, the pieces of paper are on our computer screens!“
I believe my approach to online tuition is just as effective as when I teach someone face-to-face and in some cases even more so. As a result, I have successfully delivered hours of online mathematics tuition to students of all abilities and SEN (ASD and ADHD) across the UK and internationally.
Through the use of Google Classrooms, Google Meet and Jamboards, I am able to provide live, fully-interactive online mathematics tuition to anyone with a broadband internet connection and a gmail email account. The Google online classroom allows me to upload documents such as past exam papers and then ,in Jamboards, extensively annotate them and my students can do the same.
For each student I create a free account on diagnosticquestions.com where I set specific topic or retreival practice quizzes which allows me to identify in real time any misconception and attainment. 
In a face-to-face lesson we would be writing on pieces of paper, whereas in an online lesson, the pieces of paper are on our computer screens! 

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In person tuition

Curently I am offering in person maths tuition lessons in English to students in international schools in Valencia, Spain who are following the British National Curriculum, preparing for GCSEs, IGCSEs, prep for A Levels. Due to the pandemic and current restrictions all lessons are online with the possibility to move them to in person tuition when circumstances will allow it. 

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'I worked with Irina for 3 years so I was over the moon when she told me she was looking for pupils for tutoring.  I signed my son up straight away.
I have found Irina’s tutoring, like her teaching, to be outstanding.  She has an excellent subject knowledge and passion for maths.  She also works hard to develop rapport with pupils and really identify their individual learning needs.  She demonstrates really good practice in the use of technologies to teach maths remotely and her results have been excellent.  I would thoroughly recommend her.'

– Mr Andy M (parent)

'We were recommended Irina by one of the parents at our son's school and we could not be happier. Not only was she deeply familiar with the smallest details of the present curriculum, but she was able to explain them lucidly and with an admirable sensitivity to our son's particular strengths and needs. Above all, she showed an exemplary patience and an ability to make a student recognise their own achievements, boosting their confidence in the process. We can't recommend her highly enough.'

- Mr Bharat E (parent)

'I would highly recommend Irina as a tutor. She is patient, clear, and has excellent empathy with my daughter who is on the spectrum and preparing to sit her Higher GCSEs. Thank you.'
– Mrs Catalina A (parent)

'Thank you so much for tutoring me over the last year, it has been quite an experience. You are the kindest, coolest and most understanding tutor ever.'
– Sara A (student)

'Irina is a fantastic tutor. She works so well in improving confidence in maths and her techniques and modelling skills are really effective. She took my daughter from a 6 grade to an 8 grade in GCSE.
– Cristina R (parent)


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